A Software Revolution…

The number of students in the UK is growing. These 18 to 24 year old digital natives expect to be able access information and instigate action at the click of a button - at any time, in any location and on any device.

PropertyCloud was born out of our own frustration at the lack of a software solution that was fit to step up to these unique challenges in the student lettings sector. A solution that overcame the archaic administrative processes that left our tenants dissatisfied and brought all the features that our student landlords, agents and maintenance contractors required together in one place.


It was also our response to the increasing pace of technological change that has left so many of our peers unable to keep up. PropertyCloud not only delivers on the expectations of our student tenants, it also improves the working processes of our agents, landlords and maintenance contractors. Though automation, PropertyCloud frees up time for business growth and development and allows for a more flexible working environment for staff.

Transform your business and change the way you work for good. Are you ready to join the revolution?