There are just six simple steps to joining the student property management software revolution.

1 - Client information request

We’ll send you an email requesting information on your landlords, properties, tenants and tenancies. Don’t have all the information? Don’t worry, our admin support team is on hand to help at no extra cost.


2 - Data preparation

Once your information is received we will review and prepare the data for import, making sure everything is in order. You don’t need to do a thing!

3 - Client notification

Before the data is imported you’ll need to let your landlords and tenants know that you are changing systems. We’ve even created a template email and letter for you to share.


4 - Go Live

Once everyone is informed, it’s time for us to import your data and get you live on PropertyCloud.

5 - Client introduction email

Next, we’ll contact all of your customers via email and ask them to create their personal PropertyCloud account. We’ll provide a full report and advise you on any bouncebacks too.


6 - Post Onboarding Support

Our team is always on hand for support, even after set up - just contact us on

Transform your business and change the way you work for good. Are you ready to join the revolution?